Company IN STAN GRADNJA d.o.o was founded in 2001 in Novi Sad, where for over 15 years it represents one of the leading factors that contributes to development of construction industry - residential building. Since its establishment until today, the company has specialized in the area of investment and offering services in carrying out construction works in the building construction, as well as final construction works. With recognizing needs and demands of clients, with stress on quality, timeliness, respect for deadlines, as well as reasonable prices, the company has taken its place on the market.

IN STAN GRADNJA d.o.o operates exclusively in the direction of improvement of quality of its services and products it offers on the market, all in accordance with international standards ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001, regulated legal legislative matters, registered real estate and clear price policy with additional benefits.

As the most significant segment of industry there is construction of apartments with very high market share in the city Novi Sad, with stress on long-term tradition, experience and quality.

So far gained experiences in construction of large number of residential units, own technological and project solutions, engineering and the introduction of novelties, contribute to fulfillment of demands for quality of final product and long-term focus to absolute satisfaction of client’s needs.

Also, in support of the fact that company IN STAN GRADNJA d.o.o meets all the requirements of modern construction, following the latest achievements in the field that it deals with, testefy highly educated, professional, trained and responsible team of experts, with years of experience.

Building capacities of the company in the domain of buildings and final construction works, comprise wide pallet of services, having in mind that it also has great range of construction machines and equipment for undertaking construction works of all kinds, and which are comprised of the most modern machines of world-renowned manufacturers.

Business activity of company IN STAN GRADNJA d.o.o is based on over decade long experience in construction of residential buildings. Rich heritage of already built objects is being constantly updated with new construction projects - facilities for residential and commercial purposes.

To improve relations with clients, employees in IN STAN GRADNJA d.o.o are available in terms of providing precise and reliable information which are of extreme importance when choosing and buying residential and business object. Buyers and potential clients have at their disposal team of people, from which they can have free advice, from legal domain, architecture and other areas that are connected and upon which construction profession relies on, and they can also express their special wishes and demands, that will be strictly followed during construction of object and furnishing of interior.

Philosophy of modern business, designing, engineering and construction involves following the work according to “turnkey” principle, which is how company IN STAN GRADNJA d.o.o operates. As a general contractor, company IN STAN GRADNJA d.o.o is responsible for coordination of all participants in a project, as well as supervision at the construction site.

Special attention is given to quality of services, safety of employees and protection of environment. Integrated system of quality management and protection of environment covers all processes from contracting, designing, developing, to works management, procurement, following and measuring, control and test to constant improvement and measure of client satisfaction.

In this regard, all business partners that are directly or indirectly involved in IN STAN GRADNJA d.o.o company’s work process are obliged to comply with standards ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001. The policy of integrated management of systems determines the value and goals that company IN STAN GRADNJA d.o.o notes and respects in all business activities it takes.

Engineering team of company IN STAN GRADNJA d.o.o offers services of urban planning and designing, starting from analysis of requirements to delivering complete project documentation according to which construction is implemented. In this process techniques of visualizations are used with using 3D presentation, with goal for all the participants in the project to create clear image of future project. In this way, the understanding of purpose of the object is confirmed, which meets the expectations of client from company IN STAN GRADNJA d.o.o, and as well it provides testing of situation during the realization process, where using software tools for modelling and analysis, which company owns, significantly helps.

Primary goal of company IN STAN GRADNJA d.o.o is to understand needs of clients and respond in adequate way to their demands, through activities that are taken in designing and construction, relying on top quality of workmanship, modern architectural solutions and using energy efficient materials, all in accordance with standards of the profession.

The values that are foundation of business of this company, and by which we are recognizable to our clients, are:

  • quality
  • reliability
  • accuracy
  • creativity
  • speed
  • consistency

Our vision

Our vision is to be a synonym for a company that permanently sets higher standards in construction industry, or operating in accordance with the times that come.

Understanding the importance of the space we build for our clients, we want to be among the first companies in the country in the domain of design, engineering and construction according to turn-key system..

Our mission

Company IN STAN GRADNJA llc is a company that strives to meet the needs and create the space according to particular needs of our clients.

In order to provide all the conditions for quality construction, we gather professional people, architects, engineers, designers and consultants that create modern architectural concept and top quality construction, using energy-efficient materials. The maximum commitment of professional team on each project results with fulfillment of the client’s needs for safety, comfort and functionality of the space.