Svetozara Corovica 3

Choose a home tailored to your life. Bring your dreams to life in your new home. Enjoy with your family in the elegant apartments of the newly built building, take a walk with your children to the nearby kindergarten, or elementary school. Treat yourself to the pleasure of living in a peaceful area behind the Health Center in Novo Naselje. The building is located in an ideal environment for family living. The residential building Su+P+4+Pkd is located behind the Health Center in Novo Naselje, at Svetozara Corovica Street No. 3.

For years, Novo Naselje has attracted residents looking for an exclusive location that is not in the city center, yet provides all the necessary amenities for a quality family life.

Located behind the Health Center, the building is set back from the main traffic routes and crowds, while at the same time being in close proximity to vital and important city points. The design of the building incorporates a modern architectural expression, but with traditional materialization. With its contemporary and harmonious appearance, it enriches the space, providing a unique place for living with its comfort and quality. The highest quality materials have been used in the realization of the building, from construction to finishing. The building is equipped to the highest standards for comfortable and quality living.

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