Jase Ignjatovic 6

Property and Location

For the past 15 years, we’ve been building for you, ensuring that your home exudes quality and comfort. In Stan Gradnja 021 Ltd. has decided to invest in a new project for building a family residential building in Novi Sad, right in the city center.

As one of the leaders in apartment construction in the territory of Novi Sad, In Stan Gradnja 021 Ltd. is starting the construction of a family residential building P+4+Pk at 6 Jase Ignjatovic Street (corner of Kosovska and Jase Ignjatovic Streets), near the strict city center.

Our choice of location for construction is based on carefully studied details that favor modern habits and provide conditions for a modern way of living, as well as the attractiveness of the location, making every place we choose right for several reasons. Entrusting your trust in our company confirms our efforts and readiness for your home to be located and built the way you envisioned and wanted.

This is also the case with our new residential building located at the corner of Kosovska and Jase Ignjatovic Streets.

The street where the building will be constructed is in the strict city center.

The building comprises a total of 14 residential units of different structures, two units on the ground floor, two on the first floor, two on the second, two on the third, three on the fourth, and two units in the attic of the building. The total gross construction area of the building is 1005.84m². The apartments of various structures feature large living rooms, comfortable bathrooms and kitchens, spacious terraces, and a large number of naturally lit rooms.

The new concept of living provides aesthetic value and high functionality to residential buildings, which represents our guiding idea in every design, construction, and space design proposal. The new residential building in Jase Ignjatovic Street is the result of a combination of ideas, inspiration, and skill, as well as our response to the challenges of modern living.

From the choice of location, construction materials, to every detail, we have been guided by the principle of providing a safe, environmentally desirable, and secure living environment. Ahead of us is the expression of modern architecture, which is recognizable on all the buildings our company has built so far.

Find your oasis of living where you will feel safe and comfortable.

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The completion of the works is planned for March 2017. During the construction of this building, one of the most modern construction technology systems will be used, along with the use of the highest quality building materials.

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