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The ‘InHarmony’ project represents not only an architectural gem of the New Settlement in Novi Sad but also a symbol of perfect harmony between comfort, practicality, and the natural environment. Situated in the heart of this dynamic quarter, this building offers its residents a unique living experience in line with the needs of modern life.

One of the greatest advantages of living in the ‘InHarmony’ building is its proximity to educational institutions such as childcare centers and schools. Parents can rest assured knowing that their children are within reach, facilitating their daily responsibilities. Additionally, the presence of nearby shops enables easy shopping, further simplifying life.

In addition to practicality, ‘InHarmony’ also boasts an abundance of natural resources in the surroundings. Thanks to nearby parks, residents have the opportunity for walks, recreation, and relaxation in nature, providing them with a sense of peace and connection with nature.

One should not forget the comfort and safety provided by this building. Comfortable apartments equipped with the latest technological advancements offer a modern way of life, while well-organized parking ensures convenience and security for all residents.

Overall, living in the ‘InHarmony’ building in the New Settlement in Novi Sad brings a perfect balance between urban life and nature, practicality, and comfort. It is a place where daily life unfolds in harmony with the surroundings, providing residents not only with a home but also a sense of belonging and community.

Return of VAT

If the buyer is purchasing real estate for the first time, meaning they do not own any property, they are entitled to a refund of VAT in accordance with the Value Added Tax Law.

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