Colovica Hill

Object and Location

For 15 years now, we have been building for you, ensuring that your home exudes quality and comfort. In Stan Construction 021 Ltd. has decided to invest in a new project to build a family residential building in Novi Sad, right in the city center.

As one of the leaders in apartment construction in Novi Sad, In Stan Construction 021 Ltd. is starting the construction of a family residential building G+4+Pk at 6 Jaše Ignjatovića Street (corner of Kosovska and Jaše Ignjatovića streets), near the strict city center.

As Zlatibor Mountain has one of the longest tourist traditions among mountains in Serbia, with unlimited benefits for relaxation, enjoyment, and recreation throughout all four seasons, In Stan Construction Ltd. Novi Sad has decided to invest in the construction of luxury villas there, designed in the style of Serbian rural architecture from the 19th century. A special visual identity has been achieved by using natural materials on the building facades in harmony with the ambient ensemble of Zlatibor.

The villas are surrounded by pine forests, providing visitors with complete relaxation and enjoyment in an authentic environment of untouched nature.

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Harmony of Nature

With its composition and sense, it depicts the harmony of nature and human needs for enjoying it. At an altitude of over 1000m, near the Tornik ski resort, separated from the urban center of Zlatibor, it will provide our clients with harmonious content and relaxation, which is one of the main reasons for the company’s decision to invest in this mountain.

Special attention has been paid to the external landscaping of the complex, which includes landscaped green areas and floral arrangements, as well as pedestrian paths paved with concrete pavers. The entire space is illuminated with the highest quality lighting.

Within the complex, there is an adequate number of parking spaces in relation to the number of villas.

Secure yourself the most beautiful space on the jewel of nature, Zlatibor Mountain, to enjoy the charms of winter and over two thousand sunny hours per year.

VAT Refund

If the buyer is purchasing real estate for the first time, i.e., does not own a property, they are entitled to a VAT refund, in accordance with the VAT Law.

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